They take what you give them and make something out of it. Because of this at any given time there are hundreds, if not thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands or even millions of different versions of your brand in the world today. Without a solid brand that's in alignment with your mission, message, and visual brand assets, your brand isn't reaching the minds of the right people. You'll know if this is happening because you'll feel like you're not getting as seen as you would like.

An aligned brand should create offer awareness, does yours?

An aligned brand is your reputation, what do you want that to be?

An aligned brand has the potential to leave a powerful legacy, will yours?

Through the power of brand marketing, the CEO $uite helps you create and control your brand reputation by designing a business that aligns:

- Your messaging
-Your product suite
- Your company culture
+the overall visual elements of your brand

A monthly membership may be exactly what you or your team needs to start creating a shift in your content.


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Great question.

You're a busy CEO, you have time to learn and earn but on your time, not just mine. Live courses and programs with a timeline leave you with the excuse that now is not a good time, meanwhile, you and your business both know, there is no better time than the present. That's why we love this model for professional development.

Our monthly masterclasses are not live, this way there's no pressure to show up while you're wearing all the hats in your company and at home.

We believe that building a personal brand helps us gain the visibility we desire to leave a lasting legacy and enjoy the simple, everyday luxuries of life. Our membership was designed to help creatives and CEOs find stillness in the chaos so you can be all you can be while becoming who you know you were destined to become.

Our private, exclusive online Facebook Group community is a place you can hang, drop questions, share inspiration, look for experts to add to your team and so much more. This allows you time to foster lasting relationships that help you along your way while you're building your digital dynasty month after month.

Since there are so many ways to do this, we choose focus & flow with power & precision. Which means once given access, you decide which resources will benefit you the most right now. Information overwhelm isn't fun either, which is why offer a suggested curriculum outline. For example we recommend that you start by breaking down the six business pillars to help you identify your season of business in our official CEO Welcome Module that you have immediate access to inside the CEO Dashboard upon signing up here.

Your membership includes...

  • Monthly Masterclasses (these are not live- show up on your time) paired with Implementation Guides to make implementing easy for you and/or your team
  • Self-paced lessons on building your business and gaining visibility + funding for your brand
  • Access to brilliant minds & Guest Expert CEOs who are successfully scaling their brand through actionable mindset + growth strategies
  • CEO Check-Ins for Community + Accountability
  • Access to all previous Masterclasses + Implementation Guides
  • Access to private networking
  • The opportunity for Live Q&As

Plan, Create, & Execute

Optimize your time

Tracking, Tweak & Repeat to see real growth month after month

how it works.

Your membership starts with you completing our CEO Directory form + personality assessment. We like to send milestone gifts + host giveaways and knowing your unique personality helps!

Step #1

Look for a welcome e-mail from align@jodikayedwards.com with details of your membership. This is also where your receipt will go. Add this email to your friends list so it doesn't go to spam! because we'll also communicate coaching calls + special updates via email.

Step #3

Complete the CEO Directory, introduce yourself + your business to the group!

Step #2

Join our members-only Facebook group community. No Facebook? No problem, this is only beneficial to you if you value community support, shares & feedback. Our accountability threads will be here as well. Executive and Yearly C-Suite members, you will receive your Voxer access link on our first 1:1 call.

Step #4

Outline which trainings you + your business need to create your business plan for the month inside the CEO $uite Dashboard (the e-course). Previous masterclasses are outlined by topic for easy navigation!


Hey! I'm Jodi, I’m the founder of Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand pushing creatives & CEOs to improve their performance (in a soulful way). I’m a firm believer in mixing the woo with the do when it comes to building a life and business that you love.

The mission of Alignment Is The New Hustle is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to create lucrative lives and businesses so they can grow their impact, reach, and income in a way that is unique to them. This membership has been years in the making, I've made a few major tweaks to help streamline your success. Welcome to the CEO $uite, Aligned CEO.

your blueprint for success


Your business needs it. We're forever creating it inside. Structure happens when you know how to:

  • Organize your business
  • Create & hire your dream team
  • Create a successful plan for traffic & transactions
  • Brand your business & ideas
  • Create a profitable product suite


Without systems, you & your business will crash. Systems include:

  • Project Management
  • Automation
  • Payment Gateways & Landing Pages
  • Additionals tools to help you run your business that you'll gain access to once inside!


Sales is the lifeline of your business. Without it you just have an expensive hobby. Consistent sales requires a mindset that is outcome-driven enough to avoid self-sabotage. In order to see sales at the level that you want you'll want to be clear on your:

  • Niche
  • Messaging
  • Launch Plan
  • Money generating activities
  • Overall marketing

Find all this and more inside

looking for guided support?

*book a call at www.jodikayedwards.com/claritycall for 1:1 support!

what just a handful of our CEO's are doing..

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SFBB Testimonial

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